Who are JCB Work Lights?

We’re sure you have heard of the brand, but not the products.

JCB Work Lights are brand new to the market and offer revolutionary lighting for everyday tasks and specialised operations from building and construction to military and aerospace. The range has been designed using latest advancements in LED and Li-Ion technology to offer a comprehensive selection of portable and rechargeable lighting that provides a greener approach to working off grid.

JCB Work Lights rechargeable family of products overcomes the major trip hazard at night caused by not being able to properly see trailing cables on-site as well as other hazards found in challenging working environments and ensures a solution for off-grid working which can be difficult when a power source is not easily accessible.

The rechargeable battery system offers limitless runtime with twin battery unit options. Batteries can be purchased separately and are easily interchangeable ensuring work can continue as long as required.

The primary ranges are IP65 rated offering total protection against dust ingress and water jets, providing a professional solution for multiple applications.

Why choose JCB Work Lights?

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